When I first came to the program, I had been pretty closed off in terms of my expression of emotion. Through the interactive, informative, and fun way of learning about and reflecting upon my mental health, this curriculum opened my eyes to a new way to deal with everyday emotions.

– Student from New York

The program was a very meaningful experience. As we worked through activities and shared about things like stress, anxiety, and mental health, we learned and developed strategies to help connect with ourselves and others. It was comforting to hear you are not alone and feel heard and understood. It was so nice to be in an environment where I felt safe and comfortable to share my struggles, opinions, and ideas. I am so grateful for learning new tactics that support me through any anxiety or stress that comes my way.


– Student from Los Angeles

This curriculum was something I felt was very timely and vital for our students in the context of the pandemic, racial injustice in our country, and mental illness being on the rise. It provided an opportunity and space where students were able to be heard and express themselves emotionally. This can be life altering. Students were also able to witness adult leaders being vulnerable and were encouraged to do the same. Our students expressed feeling safe and feeling like the experience was a breath of fresh air and weight off of their shoulders.

– Educator from Miami

I’m grateful that we had this exercise because I’ve been wanting to write out my thoughts and feelings for a while, but didn’t have the strength and willpower to do it.

– Student, Brooklyn School for Social Justice

It is truly beneficial, especially for our young men who have a harder time expressing themselves but need to, just as much as our young women do.

– Teacher, John Adams High School, Los Angeles

I’m grateful for this experience because it’s hard for me to express a lot of things, and having this sentence starter helped to get everything out.

– Student, Maplewood High School, Nashville