About the Curriculum

Our unique approach to social emotional learning:

  • Educators model vulnerability by sharing their own life experiences.
  • Students are encouraged to express emotions through creativity.
  • Video clips from celebrities, artists, and other young people allow students to see that they are not alone in their feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, grief or other challenging emotions.
  • Teachers and school counselors tailor the curriculum in a way that will feel authentic to their classroom community.
  • Our comprehensive teacher training supports educators in developing a social justice perspective on storytelling and vulnerability.

Over the course of 15 lessons, students will:

  • Learn to destigmatize emotions often labeled as “negative” by our culture.
  • Understand that the search for authenticity and identity is a central aspect of adolescent development.
  • Explore various artistic mediums such as photography, drawing, writing, and collage as a way to express emotion.
  • Recognize that thoughts and feelings are connected and distinguish between kind thoughts and critical ones.
  • Cultivate empathy for others.
  • Develop self-compassion by recognizing a wise inner voice.
  • Understand the connection between gratitude and well-being.
  • Recognize that kindness and service are linked to happiness.
  • Craft a hopeful vision for the future.

Neither the Kevin Love Fund (KLF) or any of its representatives are licensed counselors, therapists, physicians, or medical professionals that hold a professional license in any state or jurisdiction. This curriculum is an educational wellness program and is not intended to be a mental health treatment or substitute for treatment by a medical professional. Any person experiencing trauma, stress or other mental or physical problem should consult with a qualified health care professional.